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MIRA and La Salle Campus Barcelona promote an artistic residency at IASLab

Portrait XO IASLab

We have teamed up with La Salle Campus Barcelona, a founding member of Universitat Ramon Llull, to launch ‘IASLab x MIRA – Artist in Residence’, an artist-in-residence project that delves into the intersection of art, science and technology and fosters experimentation and collaboration between artists, scientists and technologists. The aim of this program is to invite outstanding participants to push the boundaries of traditional disciplines, adopting a spirit of innovation and research to imagine what lies ahead for humanity. 

An initiative that will focus on experimental practices, encouraging participants to explore unconventional approaches to create and conceptualize. The concept of speculation is central to the exploration as, through artistic research and critical discourse, it seeks to promote thought and dialogue about the possibilities of the future.

The residency program will take place during the 24-25 academic year at IASLab, a multisensory laboratory located at La Salle Campus Barcelona that will be inaugurated on October 24. This space is incorporated into the knowledge ecosystem of the campus and contributes, with this project, to the growth of digital arts and creative technologies, areas in which Barcelona is a benchmark on an international scale. The IASLab, which has virtual and augmented reality laboratories, an immersive room and an anechoic chamber, among other unique labs, is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and subsidized by the Department of Research and Universities of the Generalitat de Catalunya. 

Portrait XO, The Glad Scientist and Marta Minguell, will be the resident artists.

The first artists invited to take part in the residency are Portrait XO, an independent and transdisciplinary researcher who has been recognized for her work in sound innovation with Dadabots, the pioneers of AI audio; The Glad Scientist (Daniel Sabio), a conceptual media artist who is known for his live audiovisual performances; and Marta Minguell (Soulstice), an audiovisual designer and artist who graduated in Animation and VFX at La Salle Campus Barcelona and has produced installations and audiovisual visualizations at various festivals. While part of the program, the artists will advance previous works or produce a new artwork that will be presented in public exhibition once the residency is over.